For My People Empowerment, Inc



Real Results 

  • Households were motivated through this easy to use program to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies.
  • They purchased extra food, water and flashlights supplies to last at least 3 to 7 days.
  • Families created evacuation kits, called “Go-Bags,” which they could use if they had to evacuate their homes on short notice.
  • They developed a plan for now to relocate their family and love ones if they were separated.
  • Each family learned how to shelter in place in case of a biological or chemical attack or avian flu.
  • They formed teams with their neighbors to support one another in taking these actions and to serve as a support system in an emergency.
  • Teams identified and helped the elderly and disabled in their building or on their block prepare and create evacuation plans.
  • They created building or block committees to sustain these changes.
  • And various households got to know each other better as neighbors.



The program evaluation will include the following:


  1. Leadership Training - describing what works for the leader.  What are their suggestions for improvement?
  2. Team Members results - Team members will have an opportunity to rate the program.  What was the principal value received.  Why did they decide to participate in the program?  What was most useful, workbooks, handouts, etc?
  3. Content, quality, and relevance of the training program - What was learned?

  4. Efficiency of strategies and actives - Dd the residents in the community think the program was successful?  Were materials communicating the information that they wanted to learn?
  5. The media will be invited to attend all information meetings.
  6. There will be pictures taken at all events.
  7. A survey will be given to all participants.
  8. Interviews will be conducted with volunteers, and other community residents.
  9. Service agreements will be made with other not-for-profit organizations.