For My People Empowerment, Inc


For My People Empowerment, Inc.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Create
A Resilient New York City



The premise of the program is simple.  Taking prudent precautions against blackouts, natural disasters, terrorism and emergencies is nothing more that a form of insurance.  The program reflects the belief that by far the best insurance is the group insurance you get from teamwork, because our neighbors security is tied to our own.

Should we take resonable steps to protect ourselves and families against risk?  This choice seems clear.  It is better to have a plan for an emergency that doesn't happen than to have an emergency but on plan.

The steps that make the most sense in preparing for an emergency are a good idea, anyway.  These actions will restore the kind of personal and community resiliency to our lives that we never intended to give up.  What could be more important in today's world that to live in a building or on a block where the residents are working together to create a strong and resilient social fabric.  Living in a disaster resilient building or block represents the new quality of life indicator for New Yorkers.  This is not only the ultimate defense against disaster, but a great way to build relationship rich buildings and blocks that can improve our quality of life right now.

  • Helping others change behavior:  In broad terms our work is helping people in the community prepare for an emergency.  What this really means is helping them adopt a set of new behaviors and practices.
  • Social Science Research:  Tell us that information leads to awareness but is rarely sufficient to change behavior.  Look at all we know about diet and exercise and how much many of us actually do.
  • Helping people adopt new practices:   Mental habits require knowledge about behavior change and public participation.  And appropriate skills and tools.
  • For My People Vision:   Neighbors helping neighbors create a resilient New York City household by household, building by building, block by block.
  • Creating a Culture of Resiliency:   In New York City and leading the way for America.
  • Personal Satisfaction:  Helping protect the safety and security of our family and neighbors and improving their quality of life through greater social connection and cooperation.
  • Professional Development:  For My People Empowerment proven team leadership, coaching, group facilitation, community organizing and project management valued at hundreds of dollars.
  • Recognition:   An enhanced position of leadership in their building or on their block deeply appreciated by neighbors and City.